Agreement and the terms of use of Barezh website:


1) Introduction

Welcome to the Barezh Web site. The followings are the terms and conditions that allows you to use and access to the pages , links, tools, and the branching characteristics of "Barezh" website. Barezh offers  all  necessary accessories, watches, bags, and more surprises waiting for you.


2) Privacy

At Barezh we respect your privacy and take the safety of your online shopping very seriously. But in order to be able to provide you with better products, more efficient customer service and faster updates, we record a range of information by visiting our site.


3) What we offer you:

1. We guide you to use the website

2. Ease of use of the site

3. Help you find the information and products you want

4. Alert you for any important information that helps you, such as: new products we offer, offers, discounts, or product information


4) How to collect user information and how to use the site:

 Registration and request: Before you use certain parts of the site or use it to order you must complete the registration process on our site. By registration  with one of these: Facebook, Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn. And fill in the personal information required.

 5) Using and disclosing user information

1. You agree to be contacted by e-mail, or by posting promotional advertisements on the Site.

2. You will be contacted through the use of your personal information to find out about the site, the offers we will make, the promotional advertisements on the site, your order and your shipment. It is also advisable to provide us with your e-mail and we will supply you with the arrival of the latest models and new products.


  6) Use a secure payment system

 Barezh considers the secure payment system is that payment for the purchase of goods from the Site may be made online entirely or in part through what is called My Wallet or cash on delivery.


 7) You must pledge to us

1. Your information will not be collected from other users, including their email addresses and other means of communication.

2. You will not disclose or publish any personal information about users, or use them (in our opinion) in a way that may violate their confidentiality, privacy and applicable laws


 8) Copyright

All content contained in the site, including but not limited to text, graphic designs, logos, button icons, icons, tracks, collected data ,are owned and reserved for either Barezh or its users, and for those who are entitled to such content and to the Commissioner, and are protected by copyrighted, trademarked and intellectual property rights and laws

9) Confidentiality and security:

Brezah website provides you with a feature to protect you from unauthorized access to your personal information


10) Relationships and notifications

Barezh will provide you with all necessary notifications by email to be fully aware of all the products and exhibits that are of interest to you.